Whether you’re looking for your first purchase or to move home, Hallam Mortgages can help make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Looking for a new home can be a tricky process – complicated by all the legal requirements and paperwork which potential buyers have to wade through before you can finally relax in your new home. That is without the complications of the financial side of things!!!

We’ve put together a few pointers when it comes to buying your new home:

  • Make sure you’ve estimated the overall cost of buying your new house and moving. Remember that you’ll need a minimum of 5% of the house price as a deposit (although the bigger the deposit, the better the mortgage product you will be offered). Also don’t forget Stamp Duty (if applicable), surveyors fees, legal fees, electronic transfer fees, estate agents fees (if selling) and removal company costs.
  • Be realistic on how big a mortgage you can afford to comfortably repay.  Remember, interest rates will likely rise in the future so it’s a good idea to make sure you aren’t stretched to your financial limit in terms of monthly repayments.
  • Budget sensibly for the additional costs of owning your own home – this includes utility bills (such as gas, electricity and water), council tax as well as both buildings and contents insurance, living costs (such as food, drink, clothing), travel and healthcare protection to cover against any unexpected illness etc..
  • Investigate whether you are able to make use of a Government scheme – such as the Help to Buy or Right to Buy schemes.
  • Shop around for the best possible deal – Remember, mortgage products and mortgage criteria differ wildly between different lenders.
  • All of the above points can be very daunting, however the reputable, Professional  and friendly services at Hallam Mortgages will  provide you with the best advice on not only what mortgage products will suit your requirements but walk you through the whole process from start to finish

Make a sound financial decision today

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