Contents Insurance

What does it cover?

It covers the loss of or damage to the contents of your home, this includes household goods and personal belongings. Some policies cover you for items you take outside of the home, for example cameras, jewellery and other personal effects. Different policies offer different levels of cover but generally you’ll be covered against loss or damage from causes such as fire, storm, flood or theft and have the option to insure against accidental damage.

Keeping costs down

Many insurers will offer discounts if you have a burglar alarm, window locks or if you’re a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. You may also get a deal if you combine contents and buildings insurance.

Most policies have a standard excess charge which means you agree to pay the first part of any claim, for example the first £50 or £100. If you agree to pay a higher excess, the policy cost is likely to be lower.

Always compare what’s covered by a policy, not just the price – the key policy information will help you do this. Some might be cheaper than others, but they may not offer the same level of protection.

Additional benefits on a contents policy can include:

  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Credit Card Misuse
  • Door lock replacement
  • Money
  • Theft or attempted theft from your garage or outbuildings
  • Your legal liability as a home occupier for injury to others or damage to their property

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